I wanted to share with you all my Menu for the week that I prepped earlier today.  Mainly because I got some brand spanking new ceramics from my local ceramic studio and wanted to show it off right away.  About 3 to 4 times a year the Walnut Creek Clay Arts Guild opens its doors to the public and make available beautifully hand crafted ceramics ranging from serving bowls and platters to tiny toothpick holders.   I love it because it’s one off pieces that is very affordable and the funds from the sale help keep the Guild running.  You should look up your local studio to see if the have the same sale.  It’s worth a look at least and you might find something you like and also talk to the person who made it.

My Meal Prep Menu for the Week

Our Menu for the Week

Now to my menu for the week.  When I meal plan I browse my obscene collection of cookbooks throughout the week, not really writing anything down, but seeing what calls out to me and what I remember when I walk through the farmers market during the weekend.

My good friend gifted me Love and Lemons cookbook and I have been flipping through it and getting some veggie based inspiration.  I followed their lead and cooked from inspiration rather than from a recipe.

I already made some Kale Pesto yesterday using this recipe  and mixed it in with some Banza spaghetti for a quick and easy base pasta dish.

My Meal Prep Menu for the Week

I also made the following side dishes that I can mix and match through out the week as a Buddha bowl or taco or even salad toppings with some greens.

My Meal Prep Menu for the Week

I love cooking big meals like this on Sundays as it provides a one off feast for us for dinner and the rest of the week we can just pull out what we want and mix and match.

I also managed to make some breakfast too from a fellow blogger that I met through a Confetti Kitchen Influencer Event.  These Baked Eggs in Creamy Coconut Kale from Laurel Street Kitchen are now in my fridge waiting for me to eat them with toast points tomorrow morning.

I also wanted an excuse to use these super cute mini cocottes from Le Creuset that I got from the Outlet at 40% off.  I know.  I’m kinda obsessed with them because they are white and tiny and so freaking cute.

My Meal Prep Menu for the Week

Now tell me how do you guys meal prep for the week.  Do you make the components separately and mix and match like I do or do you make full meals and eat the same meal for a few days?  I would love to hear about it!

Oh and here is a snap of our dinner table.  I love it when it’s filled with food!

My Meal Prep Menu for the Week