We Cook Filipino is filled with Heart-Healthy Recipes and Inspiring Stories from 36 Pioneering Food Personalities & Award- Winning Chefs.

We Cook Filipino Cookbook
We Cook Filipino Cookbook

We Cook Filipino

Everyone! I photographed a Healthy Filipino Cookbook and I am also one of the contributing Authors. It is edited and compiled by the great Jacqueline Chio-Lauri.

This book presents the extraordinary food culture of the Philippines in stories and recipes from 36 culinary trailblazers—award-winning chefs, food writers and social media stars from around the globe. They share with us not just their favorite recipes for classic Philippine dishes like adobo, sinigang and ginataan, but also their personal family stories about what Filipino food and food culture mean to them.

Here are just a few of the fascinating stories and recipes found in this book:

Along with insightful stories and 51 different recipes, readers will learn many tips and techniques to balance flavor and nd heart-health inyour dishes, such as

About Jacqueline Chio-Lauri

Philippine-born-and-raised Jacqueline Chio-Lauri had lived in seven countries around the globe before she settled in the United Kingdom. Some of her most delicious childhood memories are strolls with her lola (grandma) from the city’s panaderia (bakery) at the crack of dawn—she, munching warm, freshly-baked pandesal bread and Lola, regaling her with fascinating stories. 

Jacqueline has worn several hats through the years. She is an anthologist, author and editor, and a former science scholar, restauranteur, teacher, sales and marketing consultant and copywriter. Above all, she is a mum.

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Favorite Shots of in the book

Here are some of my favorite shots in the book as a preview:


My Experience Photographing a Cookbook

Not going to lie. It was hard! It was during that big second wave of COVID in early 2021, so I was basically homebound and my daughter was doing zoom school. I didn’t have an assistant and did everything. The shopping (praise Instacart!), the cooking, styling, picking the props, photographing it and editing it. It was a process. Now I know why people say have at least one assistant when you are photographing a cookbook.

I have to admit seeing the book now it is all worth it. I love all the vibrancy of our food and how fresh and inviting everything looks. Don’t ever let anyone tell you Filipino Food is brown! IT IS NOT! They are just eating one part of the cuisine. Even people that live there are not exposed to the breath and variety of Filipino Food.

So use this cookbook as a gateway to eating healthy. I made all the recipes. They are all amazing and have flavor and depth and very good for you.

Pre-Order the book so more healthy and vibrant Filipino Cookbooks can be made! Maybe one that is all me.

We Cook Filipino.