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  • Hello!

    Yes, I named this blog and site after myself.  Yes, my name rhymes with pretzel, but for some odd reason people still call me Rozel, Rose, Rizel, Raisin.  Anyway I was named after my parents.  RE is the first two letters of my Dad’s name (Rene) and ZE is the first two letters of my Mom’s name (Zeny) and they added the L for love.  My aunt loves tell me that story just to see the look on my face.

    Oh and Kealoha is my middle name.  I was born in Hawaii and my parents wanted that to be a part of me and I think it loosely translates to one love.  So there you have it.  My name out of the way.  Now a little bit more about me.

    I love cooking, entertaining and traveling.  Cooking I do all the time and grew up in the kitchen with my grandma’s and my mom.  Entertaining I do some of the time as I tend to go all in.  The best thing someone has said to me after a gathering was “You are so over the top in the most inspiring way”.  I just thought I will take that as a compliment!  Traveling we haven’t done as often, but we are starting to slowly ease back into traveling as a family of 3.

    I am also a wife and a mother.  I hate doing laundry and my daughter is 3.  Insert grimace now.  Just kidding she is okay…  now and then.  If you are here for business read on below.  If you are here just to browse I just want to say hi and thank you.  I hope you enjoy the recipes and the little stories I tell.  You can email me anytime about anything.

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    Rezel Kealoha is a recipe developer and food stylist dedicated to healthy, wholesome food. She loves working with brands that align with her style and philosophies.

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