These are the 9 Filipino Cookies I would put in this year’s Holiday Cookie box. It includes both traditional and cookies that incorporate Filipino flavors. What would you include?

9 Filipino Cookies to include in holiday cookie boxes

Yes it is that time of year to turn the ovens on and think about putting together a diverse cookie box. These are my 9 favorite Filipino cookies. You can either bake all of them and arrange them in a beautiful cookie box or include one or two of these cookies to introduce your friends to Filipino flavors and cookies.

To make your cookie baking much easier pick a cookie to make every few days and bake ahead. Then freeze until it is time to box them all up.

Not gonna lie. This one is my absolute favorite cookie that I have ever thought of. I don’t know if I can top it. There are cookies out there that say they are Bibingka, but are they though? These use rice flour AND is also wrapped in banana leaves to get that distinct flavor infused in the dough. It’s also a blog favorite and it’s nice to see these included in past cookie boxes of yours!

Bibingka Cookie Recipe
We are taking Bibingka and making it into a light and crispy cookie! Rice flour and coconut is still used along with the traditional itlong na maalat topping.
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2. Filipino Neapolitan Sugar Cookies Filled with Yema

Yes these are a process, but oh so worth it. It tastes like polvoron stuffed yema and it has ube, pandan and langka (jackfruit) as the cookie flavors.

Filipino Neapolitan Sugar Cookies Filled with Yema
Filipino Neapolitan Sugar Cookies Filled with Yema on a green backdrop.
These Neapolitan Sugar Cookies are flavored with 3 different Filipino flavors.  Ube, Langka and Pandan.  It’s also filled with yema, which gives the cookies a nice gooey surprise.
Recipe Adapted From Constellation Inspiration
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3. Puto Seko

This is another crowd favorite here. It’s so easy to make and very affordable as well just needing cornflour, butter and condensed milk.

Puto Seko (Seco) Recipe with Three Ingredients
Homemade Puto Seko made with just 3 ingredients. You only need cornstarch, butter and condensed milk to make this classic Filipino cookie.
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4. Polvoron

This recipe requires no baking! Just toasting some flour and mixing it with sugar and powdered milk. With the addition of some familiar Christmas spices, this makes for a very festive Filipino Cookie.

Christmas Spice Polvoron (The No Bake Filipino Shortbread)
Christmas Spice Polvoron
These Christmas Spice Polvoron cookies are made with toasted almond flour, powdered milk, coconut sugar and vegan butter. Even better is that there is no baking involved!
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5. Basura Cookies

Basura means trash, so this is similar to those kitchen sink cookies this time with Filipino ingredients such as banana chips and dried mango. This would also be a great DYI. You can layer the dry ingredients in a big jar and type up instructions on how to make the cookie.

Basura Cookies – The Filipino Compost Cookie
Basura Cookies - The Filipino Compost Cookie
I would describe these Basura Cookies as the more extra version of the Compost Cookie. It’s filled with salty banana chips, dried mangoes, coconut and Filipino chocolate. Basically it’s your Filipino best friend in a cookie.
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6. Uraro

These Uraro or Arrowroot cookies are made with 100% arrowroot flour so it’s gluten free. They melt in your mouth and super delectable. These are also a crowd favorite.

Uraro (Arrowroot) Cookie Recipe and Gluten Free!
Uraro (Arrowroot) Cookies In a wooden cookie box on a green backdrop.
These Uraro (Arrowroot) Cookies are made with 100% arrowroot flour, which makes them gluten free.  Using a cookie press you can make these cookies in under 30 minutes!
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7. Salty Green Mango Chocolate Chip Cookies

You wouldn’t think this would work but it does and oh so well. Philippine dried green mango is used for a little of that sour punch.

Salty Green Mango Chocolate Chip Cookies
Salty Green Mango Chocolate Chip Cookies
A little Filipino twist on Chocolate Chip Cookies, add some dried green mango and salt! It’s an umami bomb dream. Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, chewy and crunchy all in one bite.
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8. Ube and Mango Koaczki Cookies

I love these cream cheese based cookies. My aunt used to make something similar but with raspberry jam. These are filled with ube and mango mince.

Filipino Flavored Polish Kolaczki Cookies
Filipino Flavored Polish Kolaczki Cookies in a wooden box
These Polish Kolaczki Cookies are filled with dried mango mince and a ube cheese combo.  The Filipino fillings add a different flavor to these cream cheese cookies.
Recipe Adapted from Baker Bettie
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9. Homemade Otap!

Yes you read that right. Homemade Otap and it’s so easy to make using puff pastry. We have had some people message me saying they made different flavored sugars to dip them in before baking. That is an idea you can also use to make it your own! I would totally do cinnamon sugar.

Otap with Luya (Ginger) – Bahay Kubo Cooking Series
This easy Otap recipe is made with store bought puff pastry cutting the labour in half.  It’s also flavored with Luya or Ginger as part of our Bahay Kubo Cooking Series.
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These are some other cookies you can also include:

Darak Cookies by Maria Orosa

Chocolate Chunk Cookie Recipe with Filipino Chocolate

Small Batch Gin Laced Butter Cookies

I love me some packaging. My go to source is Daiso as it’s super affordable. They have small cookie size individual bags and also boxes and ribbons.

Another source for more unique Filipino Cookie box packaging is Etsy!

These clear cello bags come in so many different sizes.

Cookie boxes that have dividers. Yes please!

Cher Cake from Etsy has so many different types of cookie boxes you can choose from.

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