Celebrating my BFF with Pear Rosemary Cremant Jelly

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Pear Rosemary Cremant Jelly

I know everyone is posting salads and smoothies today, but I still have one more celebration to go before I start the healthy food.  It’s my BFF’s birthday tomorrow and I made some Pear Rosemary Cremant Jelly to celebrate.

pear rosemary champagne jelly

This is very similar to the peaches poached in rose I posted during the end of last summer.  I wanted to do a winter take on it with some left over champagne from the festivities we just had.  I really should stop opening full bottles of champagne or buy one of those bottle savers.  If anyone knows of a good one let me know!!!

pear rosemary champagne jelly

Cremant vs. Champagne

I opened a bottle I had been saving from our wedding 4 years ago.  It’s a Cremant, made the same exact way Champagne is made, just not in the same area.  The rule is if it’s not made in Champagne – you can’t call it Champagne.  So if you like the taste of Champagne, but don’t want to pay Champagne prices look for a Cremant.   We picked a Deligeroy Cremant De Loire Brut on a suggestion from one of our wine expert friends.  It does not disappoint.  Give it a try if you are a lover of bubbles.  I still have one more left and saving it for the next big occasion.

pear rosemary champagne jelly

pear rosemary champagne jelly

D’Anjou Pears

I made these with d’anjou pears, and it pairs perfectly with the cremant.  The flavor profile of a d’anjou pear is sweet with a slight tart finish.  It’s also stays firm even when poached.  You still need that slight firm bite when suspending fruit in jelly.

pear rosemary champagne jelly

pear rosemary champagne jelly

pear rosemary champagne jelly

Let me know if make it and let me know on Instagram and use the hashtag #rezelkealoha.  You can also pin it to Pinterest to make later if you wanted to save it for Galentines day to make for a bunch of girlfriends.


pear rosemary cremant jelly

Pear Rosemary Cremant Jelly

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: French
Servings: 4 People


  • 1 d'anjou pear cut into one cm cubes
  • 2 Cups Cremant/Champagne/Sparkling Wine
  • 1 Sprig Rosemary
  • 1/4 Cup Cassava Sweetner
  • 2 Tablespoon Agar Agar Flakes


Poach the d'anjou pears first

  • Place the cubed pears, cremant, rosemary and cassava in a sauce pan on medium high heat.  Bring to a boil and then turn down the temperature to low and simmer for 7 minutes to soften the pears.  It should not be mushy, just soft.  

Make the Jelly

  • Strain out the rosemary and pears.  Throw out the rosemary and place the pears in 4 glasses. 
  • Place the cremant poaching liquid back in the pan and add in the 2 Tablespoons of agar agar flakes.  Bring to a low boil for 5 minutes.  Then take off the heat and pour into the 4 glasses with the pears. 
  • Garnish with small sprigs of rosemary flowers and refrigerate for 20 minutes until set. 
Did you enjoy making it? I would love to see it! Tag me on Instagram @rezelkealoha with the #rezelkealoha!

pear rosemary cremant jelly

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20 thoughts on “Celebrating my BFF with Pear Rosemary Cremant Jelly

  1. Holy moly, this sounds good! I’m not even a big drinker and I want a ginormous goblet of this right now.

  2. I am so intrigued by these – cassava sweetener? Sounds amazing but I don’t know where I’d find it! (In store I mean – I saw your link online) Love that you used agar agar instead of gelatin 🙂 Can’t wait to try

  3. Loving the look and sound of this. Perfect for girls weekend…to celebrate a birthday, anniversary….or just because. Nice for brunch too…like for Valentine’s Day.

  4. This drink sounds so delicious and sophisticated! This would be perfect for a girls brunch or even Valentine’s Day <3

  5. First of all I need to say that your pictures are just soooo pretty and sophisticated and fancy!! 🙂 haha this is a perfect recipe for a special brunch, birthday, or girls get together. I love the idea. And also thanks for that info on champagne vs cremant. I had nooo idea.

  6. This is perfect! We never drink a full bottle of champagne, and I hate throwing it out. This could work for so many occasions, too! Bridal showers, brunch dessert, or even a baby shower considering the alcohol is cooked out. Perfect for those times you can’t join in on the celebration! haha

  7. What an interesting dessert! It looks delicious, and a great new way to enjoy pears. I think this would be fabulous for date night

  8. Fancy!!! I love the flavor combination, the presentation and your photos. I can’t wait to make some jelly. Gotta go shopping.

  9. These look so beautiful!! I love incorporating cassava into recipes. Can’t wait to try this!

  10. How sweet! I have not tried cremant yet. It sounds very interesting. I will have to look into it more. As always, your photos look amazing and this recipe is very inspiring. You just gave me so many recipe ideas! I can’t wait to try them out!

  11. This looks lovely! I can’t have alcohol anymore but I have a good friend who I think would love this recipe! Passing it along to her =)

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