Snack Platter

I am a sucker for snack platters.  Every time I see cheese board or charcuterie platter I automatically suggest it as an appetizer.   I like how you get a bit of everything in the beginning of the meal – salty, sweet, creamy, crispy.  It is also a good way to tide guests over when you are having a dinner party, or even the main meal if you are hosting some drinks at your house.

It seems daunting at first putting something together that looks so fancy but I will break it down for you and in no time you will be putting these plates together for yourself – healthy version no less!

  • Start with your serving element.  I like using wood or marble as a base.
  • The first food item I always put on is cheese.  For a small board I would suggest one hard and one soft cheese. For a bigger crowd aim for 3 cheeses that are quite distinct in flavor and texture.  There are now a good variety of vegan cheeses now available.
  • To counter the salty of the cheeses add some fruit and/or jams to the board.  For the fruit you can just lay it out on the board cut into small pieces.  For the jams place them in little jars with a dainty spoon.  A good healthy alternative to jam is making it yourself with chia seeds.
  • Even though it’s a snack platter protein is still very important.  I like adding in pepperoni or other deli meats. Again there are great vegan options out there to keep your platter healthy.
  • To add some freshness crispy veggies like cucumbers, carrots and radishes.  Add your favorites – there are no rules.
  • To add more variety to the platter I like adding a dip or two.  Try hummus or even guacamole.
  • I also like adding in some nuts to round out the platter for people who just need a nibble.
  • The last piece of the puzzle is the cracker.  Make sure the crackers are big enough so guests can put together their own flavor combos to nosh on.  I like serving mine with grain free crackers.
  • Finally greenery.  It makes it pretty and look put together.  You can use washed hydrangea leaves or even sprigs of herbs.  It’s very Barefoot Contesa!
snack platter
Photo by: Rachel Radcliffe Photography

You can even set up a simple platter for your self with just one cheese, some crackers, one serving of fruit and vegetables with some hummus.  My motto is there is nothing wrong with being good to yourself.  So get that plate together take a break and sit down and relax.

Snack Platter
Photo by: Rachel Radcliffe Photography

What are your favorite combos for cheese/snack platters?  Let me know in the comments below!