Kakanin Recipes

Kakanin recipes are Filipino rice based dessert or snacks. Can be made from rice flour or whole rice grains and mixed with coconut milk.

Quick and Easy Puto Recipe (Also Vegan)

Kakanin Recipes | Puto Recipes

Cassava Bibingka with Cheese Recipe

Healthy Filipino | Kakanin Recipes

Healthy Biko Recipe (Filipino Sweet Rice Dessert)

Desserts | Healthy Filipino | Kakanin Recipes

Ginger Cassava Cake with Apple Sauce Recipe

Cakes | Desserts | Kakanin Recipes

Step by Step Matcha Palitaw with Rosewater Black Sesame Sauce

Healthy Filipino | Kakanin Recipes | Snacks

Warm Matcha Chia Pudding with Mochi Balls

Kakanin Recipes | Matcha Recipes | Snacks

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