It’s been forever since I created a travel guide for you all.  The last time was when I went to Brooklyn and that was last October.  Yikes! This past May my husband and I spent our 5th year wedding anniversary in Healdsburg.  It’s a little quaint town about 2 hours North of where we live in Walnut Creek.  Usually we spend it in Big Sur where we got married, but it was a little bit too expensive to go back this year.  Oh and really the reason why I wanted to go is to dine at Single Thread.  Really that was it.  I’ll get to that towards the end.

Where to Stay in Healdsburg

First let me show you where we stayed.  OMG.  It was like staying in a little tiny Joanna Gains cottage.  I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Healdsburg Modern Cottages

This place is so freaking adorable.  I kinda squealed a little when I saw that the whole cottage is white.  Even the floors… the floors were white.  *Dead*  Also you don’t need to talk to anyone when you check in or check out.  The keys are left in a lock box and you just pick them up at check in time and then put the key back when it’s check out time.  The best kind of service I say!

Upon arrival you get a basket of local goodies made from businesses and farms around Healdsburg.  The owners also make wine and they give you a free bottle of that too.

There are 4 cottages in total, so it’s very intimate.  You can also rent out all the cottages with all your friends and basically take over the place.  Every cottage has a cute back porch.  It was raining when we went so we didn’t get to use it at all.

They also have a cute little pool to use.  Again it was cold, so no swimming for us unfortunately.  It was such a nice pool.

You can also borrow a bike to ride around town if you want.

Now one of the best parts of staying at Healdsburg Modern Cottages is the location.  It can’t be beat.

Where to Eat in Healdsburg

So the cottages is just next door to one of my favorite restaurants / shop.  The Healdsburg Shed.  No really, you walk out the cottage and make a left, walk a few steps and you are at The Shed.  It’s the perfect place to have breakfast as they open pretty early if you just wanted some coffee.

The Shed

Ahh, this place has everything, coffee shop, pastries, cheese, bread, ceramics, a mini farmers market, flower shop, garden and cafe.  I love stores like these where everything is at one place, yet feels homey. So… I didn’t take a photo of our food, but I did take many photos of what it’s like to shop at The Shed.  I had to restrain myself, but I did get some goodies.

The Healdsburg Shed

This is the kind of small town where it’s best when you have no plans and just walk around.  That’s what we did.  We wandered the small streets of Healdsburg in the rain.  We didn’t want to eat much as we were having a big fancy dinner, but we could not pass up ice cream and pie.

Noble Folk Ice Cream and Pie Bar

Everything here is good.  The ice cream, the pie OMG.  I would go again if it wasn’t two hours away.   Shop hours can be found here.  I had the matcha pie and my husband had the peach raspberry pie.


Now the reason why we came to Healdsburg in the first place.

Single Thread Farm and Inn

The name of the restaurant stems from it’s logo the onion flower as it’s the only ingredient they can grow at the farm all year round, so it’s the single thread the connects all together.  You can read this extensive Eater review of the restaurant along with amazing interior photos of the the restaurant.  All I took where these exterior shots as the lens I bought could not photograph the vast interior of the restaurant and I wanted to enjoy our anniversary meal with out distraction.

There you have it, a little mini guide on Healdsburg, CA.  It’s what we did over a two night stay.  I love small towns like these.  There is enough to do without being overwhelmed you are missing out on things and you still get downtime to relax.

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