These Filipino Thanksgiving Recipes add a different kind of dimension and flavor to your Thanksgiving table. The flavors of Bibingka, Bistek, Longganisa, Itlog Na Maalat and even Palabok is served along side a traditional roasted turkey. These Filipino infused sides and desserts will make you think why didn’t I do this before?

15 Filipino Thanksgiving Recipes

Filipino Thanksgiving Recipes – The Sides

From stuffing to salads and bread. Every recipe here is either filled with Filipino ingredients or infused with Filipino flavor. Take your pick.

Filipino Thanksgiving Stuffing

If you are the type of family that does two types of stuffing make this one, one of them. Made with toasted Bibingka and crispy longganisa baked in a salted egg custard. Life changing.

Filipino Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe
Looking for a way to add a different flavor to your Thanksgiving table? I got you. This Filipino Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipe is filled to the brim with Bibingka and Longganisa. It’s then flavored with an Itlog na maalat custard that brings all the flavors together. There are shortcuts provided, as we all know we don’t have time to make everything from scratch. So let’s go put this in the oven together!
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Palabok Deviled Eggs

To me it is not a party unless there are Deviled Eggs. These eggs are flavored with what you find in a traditional Palabok, but condensed in half an egg. Glorious.

Palabok Deviled Eggs
Inspired by the Filipino Noodle dish Palabok. These Palabok Deviled Egg’s come together in under 30 minutes. All you need are 6 eggs, mayo and seasonings that are already in your pantry. Add some smoked fish on the top and this fancy app is good to go.
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Salted Egg Gratin

Another Thanksgiving must for me is a gratin. There is just something about creamy cheesy potatoes. This one uses Itlong Na Maalat mixed in with the cream. Drool worthy.

Itlog na Maalat Gratin (Salted Egg Gratin) Recipe
Itlog Na Maalat Gratin
Itlog na Maalat Gratin uses a Filipino salted duck egg to add a new dimension of flavor to a traditional gratin.  It’s a little salty and a littly funky, but full of flavor.
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Ginataang Mashed Potato with Crispy Dilis

Ahh! A mashed potato laced with coconut, ginger and garlic. So good!

Ginataang Mashed Potato with Crispy Dilis
This Ginataang Mashed Potato with Crispy Dilis is going to blow your Tita’s mind! Don’t tell her what is in the potatoes, eventually she is going to recognize the coconut, ginger, garlic and fish sauce in it. Then she’ll say oh this tastes familiar, then the crispy fish bits will get her. Haha. Please send her the link to this recipe after dinner. You are welcome.
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Bistek Sibuyas

The onions are slow roasted in soy sauce and calamansi. The onions become sweeter as they are roasting. Great to pair with any meats you may have at the table. So tangy.

Bistek Sibuyas Recipe – Bahay Kubo Cooking Series
Bistek Sibuyas on a white platter with a gold fork.
Bistek Sibuyas or Bistek Roasted Onions are made by roasting sibuyas in the bistek marinade.  The toyo (soy sauce) and calamasi infuse the onions with the most intense flavor and you don’t really miss the steak that you normally have with it.
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Panzenella Salad with Pandesal

There needs to be a pallet cleanser at the Thanksgiving table. This one does the work with the zing from the drizzle cocomansi. So Fresh.

Panzanella with Pandesal Recipe
Panzanella with Pandesal
This Panzanella with Pandesal is a Filipino twist on the Italian Panzanella Salad. Made with toasted Pandesal with creamy pieces of Kesong Puti and Malunggay Pesto. It's summer on a plate.
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Kalabasa Bread

You can cook this like a loaf bake it like rolls. If you dare, replace the steamed kalabasa with steamed ube. Just make sure it’s not a regular purple potato. So pillowy.

Kalabasa Bread – Bahay Kubo Cooking Series
Slice of Kalabasa Bread on a wooden cutting board.
This Kalabasa Bread or Squash Bread is almost brioche like, but colored and flavored with kalabasa. Served with Salted Malunggay Butter, it makes for a nice hearty snack.
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Ginataang Sitaw and Kalabasa Quiche

A different way to get veggies on the plate. The coconut custard flavored with ginger, garlic and fish sauce is incased in a crisp flaky pastry. Garnish with edible flowers. So vibrant.

Ginataang Sitaw and Kalabasa Quiche – Bahay Kubo Cooking Series
Ginataang Sitaw and Kalabasa Quiche
The Classic Ginataang Sitaw and Kalabasa is made into a Quiche.  The savory coconut custard is laced with ginger, garlic and fish sauce.  One look will make you think brunch, but one bite will make you think of home.
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Puto Binondo

A savory puto that is flexible enough where you can change the filling. Maybe even change it out to a Turkey mince?! So bouncy.

Puto Binondo
From the book Philippine Breads by Chef Gene Gonzalez.
Puto Binondo is a steamed rice cake made with sweetened whipped eggs and flour. With the addition of some crispy pork bits and egg it makes a great snack.
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Filipino Thanksgiving Recipes – The Desserts

This tart reminds me so much of Pecan Pie, but it is filled with a kakanin made with taro and coconut. It tastes so caramelly.

Vegan Cashew Tart with a Taro and Coconut Filling
Vegan Cashew Tart with a Taro and Coconut Filling
This Vegan Cashew Tart is the perfect alternative to Pecan Pie. Each bite has salted roasted cashews and a sticky taro and coconut almost caramel like filling.
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Buko Pie

This one is a nice and light pie made with the flesh of young coconut and coconut juice. It’s a great vegan pie edition to the dessert table. So coconuty.

Vegan Buko Pie
vegan buko pie
This Vegan Buko Pie is made with pure young coconut meat and coconut juice. It’s a great alternative to the traditional pies this holiday season.
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Cherry Macapuno Pie

You can use frozen cherries here or even replace it with the Thanksgiving standby cranberries. Serve with whipped cream or if you dare ice cream. Drizzle it with a panda glaze.

Cherry Macapuno Pie
All you need to make this Cherry Macapuno pie is some ready made puff pastry, a jar of Macapuno and a bag of frozen cherries. It's a very low lift dessert, with high impact. Serve it with a drizzle of Pandan Ganache and scoop of vanilla ice cream.
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Ginger Cassava Cake

Cassava cake was a staple during Thanksgiving potlucks I used to attend with my parents when we lived in Japan. My Mom used to make the cassava cake. This one is made lighter with almond milk and apple sauce. So Fall.

Ginger Cassava Cake with Spiced Apple Sauce
cassava cake with apple sauce
A healthy Cassava Cake filled with Almond Milk and Almond Paste. It’s also topped with some spiced Home Made Apple Sauce.
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Champagne Gulaman

A boozy dessert option served with fresh mango and mint. If you can’t find mango replace it with pears. So jiggly.

Champagne Gulaman (Jelly) with Mango and Mint
Champagne Gulaman (Jelly) with Mango and Mint
Champagne Gulaman (jelly) is the way to go if you are ever in the position of having a bottle of champagne left over.
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Almond Jelly

This was another staple at our holiday table as a family. You can set it in a big ass bowl and have your guests scoop out as much as they wish. Serve with any fruits you may have. So fruity.

Almond Jelly with Tofu
Almond Jelly with Tofu is a healthy spin on the Almond Jelly I used to have as a kid. Adding soft silky tofu adds protein to the dessert and no one will ever know. Served with a drizzle of date syrup and fresh fruit, it’s the perfect ending to a meal.
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Calamansi Tart

I feel like even the dessert table needs a hit of acid. This no bake Calamansi Tart can be made a head and kept in the freezer until it’s time to defrost it. It’s both a time saver and zesty!

No Bake Calamansi Tart with Skyflake Crust
Calamansi Tart with Skyflake Crust
This No Bake Calamansi Tart is made with a Filipino cracker known as Skyflakes.  All the ingredients are put in the freezer to set, which makes for a nice cool and tart dessert perfect for the summer.
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That was a pretty good variety of Filipino Thanksgiving Recipes right? What would you add to the list? If you added any to your table let me know!

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